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Chewy Peanut Butter and Banana Cookies

Ah the Peanut Butter cookie.  I was never much of a fan.  Any recipe I tried seemed to yield the same result- Peanut butter cookies that were hard, dry and not very peanut buttery.  I could not get what all … Continue reading

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So hungry!!!!

My my my!  My appetite has been on fire today, its crazy!  I’m an endless pit and I really haven’t done anything to merit this extra hungryness….  must be just one of those days. I started of with breakfast: Cinnamon … Continue reading

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I found tahini again!!

Like the title says, I’ve been reunited with tahini!  I completely forgot how good this stuff is!!!  Last week I used in on falafels and tonight I made a yummy yummy sauce with it.  I feel a tahini obsession coming … Continue reading

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My Favorite-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi strangers!! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve last posted!  I’m swamped with school projects right now and wedding plans….. I guess that’s what happens when you slack off for a few weeks 🙂 One thing I’ve … Continue reading

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Pizza Pizza!

Happy Thursday everyone!  And yay for it almost being the weekend, especially for my fellow bloggers who’s Thursdays are their Fridays (like me )!! Last night me and Andy had a fun dinner.  Pizza! This baby was made with: Bob’s … Continue reading

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Come on Get Happy :)

Hi bloggies! I have a big case of the blah’s today, although writing the title of this post cheered me up a little.  I’m getting a cold and have just felt so low on energy all day.  I did make … Continue reading

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The Beginning of Spring and Pumpkin Cookies!

Bonjour!  Wow, where I live has the nicest weather right now!  It feels like spring and is so so sunny, the sky is blue, and the trees are blossoming.  Ok, truth be told, I’ve only seen one tree that had … Continue reading

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