Wedding Post-Part One

Ok so the time has come to share some of the many many pictures I have of The Big Day!

Here goes:

The Dress….

The Shoes….

Me – the Bride 😉

My beyond wonderful Bridesmaids- minus one

From the left- Meghan, Nadia, Shawna, Moi, Michelle (my sister and Maid of Honor, my mom (Janice)

The Decor….

And now to end Part One with something sweet:

Carrot with Candied Pecan…

Vanilla with Fondant Pearls…

Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans…

All of the cupcakes were made and decorated by yours truly and a bunch of my home girls.  Don’t they look amazing?  We are so proud!  Shawna and I actually hand made each and every fondant pearl on the vanilla ones.  They took some real hard work but were so so worth it!

So that concludes Part One of my wedding photos.  I hope you all enjoyed xoxo

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Work Week Winners!

Since I’ve started my new job I feel like the days are too short.  There is definitely not enough hours in the day for me to do all that I love.  Cooking is one of those things that has suffered since I started working full time. (Cleaning my house has been put on the back burner several times but I’m not too concerned about that.)

The adaptation to this new schedule has taken some time and I thought I’d share some tips on what I do to make the work week easier and make more room for free time.  These are probably tips that you’ve heard of before but they really do make a huge difference for me.

1. Soup

Who doesn’t love a bowl of comforting soup after a long day of work?

Is it weird that while at work I day dream of the soup waiting for me for when I get home from work?  Well, even if it is weird- I don’t care!  Yes, I day dream about soup. Yes, I’m okay with this fact.

No, the soup doesn’t just magically appear in my fridge.  I make it on Sundays.  Andy and I have been making them together and it’s unbelievable how quick it is.  We make a big batch that makes about three dinners worth for during the week.  We don’t eat the soup on the day we make it because it always tastes wayyy better the next day, and even better after two days!  That’s the best part, the leftovers are amazing!

Yummy Toppings

This particular soup is definitely one to blog about.  It’s Quinoa Corn Chowder with Lima’s and Aji and the recipe is from Terry Hope Romero’s new cookbook Viva Vegan. Its has yummy quinoa, corn, potatoes, and delicius aji paste.  The flavor of this soup is amazing!  We topped the soup off with salsa, raw cashews, cilantro, green onions, daiya cheese, and crushed tortilla chips.  So delish!  This cookbook is seriously worth buying for this recipe alone! It’s so amazing.  Andy and I have made it twice now.  We have yet to try other recipes but I predict lots of latin food showing up on the blog in the future…..

2. Salads!

Another time saver is to make a huge salad at the beginning of the week for lunches.  When I say salad, I mean the kinds that also taste better as the flavors marinade together.  Heavier salads like quinoa, bean, pasta….. definitely not leafy salads.

Lunch is a snap when you do this.  I like having these “heavier” salads on top of mixed greens.  The heavy salad stays in a big container in the fridge then all I have to do in the morning is take a container and put a couple handfuls of mixed greens and add a couple scoops of the pre made salad.  Voila!  Lunch is done!

Bean salad and Mixed Greens 🙂

3. Going to the gym with a friend or your significant other.

When I first started my job I found it so hard to make it to the gym.  After a long day of work I just wanted to spend some time with Andy.  I was feeling so low in energy due to lack of exercise and all of the holiday treats that I was eating.  Exercise is so important so the fix for us was to start to go to the gym together.  We get to spend time with each other and get active!  It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.

4. Once a week grocery shopping.

Before I got this job, grocery shopping happened whenever we realized we needed something.  A huge time saver has been to do a big grocery shop each weekend.

This definitely took some practice.  Grocery shopping once a week requires meal planning and thinking ahead.  I don’t really spend too much time meal planning nor do I really stick with what I’ve planned out.  The Sunday soup really helps with planning because I’ll only have to think of two meals for dinner.  I just make sure I have ingredients for two dinners on hand and I’m good to go.  We also keep a good stock of canned and dry goods in the pantry for quick meals and snacks.  The only thing that I have trouble with is produce.  I don’t want it to go bad so sometimes I’ve found that I don’t buy enough.  I’m getting better though!

Well those are my major tips for making the work week manageable.  I hope you find them useful because they make my life so much easier!

Question: What are your tips for saving time and/or making life easier?

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The time has come!

Hello Bloggies!!!

I am sooooo back and ready to start blogging my little heart out again.  I can’t believe how time has just flown by since I last posted!

I have been super busy……

I got married…..

Got a new job….

source (p.s. No, this picture is not of me.  Although, I really hope I look just as happy/perky at work 🙂 )

I’ve also been busy with the holidays…..

This is me at New Years. We had a kareoke/pictionary party.  For Pictionary, I had to draw the word “haphazard”.  Really, how would you draw that?!

I’ve also been busy being a little lazy…..

So, to sum it all up 2010 was a FANTASTIC year!  It was full of family, fun and new beginnings.  Now I’m really looking forward to getting back to real life, and of course blogging <3.

I’ll definitely do a post dedicated to wedding stuff.  There are lots of photos and stories to share.  And I’ll also be back soon with other posts related to everyday life.

I hope everyone’s holidays were amazing!  Catch you later gaters xoxo

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On Hold

Hi friends!

I just thought I’d pop on here to let everyone know that my blog will be “on hold” until after the wedding.  October 23rd is  the big day and my days have been filled with working, planning, studying, and friends and family!  Busy but good! I’ll still be around though, commenting on my favorite blogs and keeping up with them so I really won’t be gone 🙂

xoxo Farewell for now my friends

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Vegan Mac & Cheeze

I woke up this morning to this:

*I have no idea why the picture came out so badly but if you can’t tell, that’s rain.

I was so happy that I had nothing on my calendar for today 🙂  I could enjoy the rain and have a cozy day.

Cozy means:


Pumpkin oats….


and Comfort Food…..

Mac & Cheeze…. Serious yum.

Not only did this delectable dish satisfy my comfort food need, it also let me cross off another recipe from The List!

Recently Jessica (the domestic vegan) suggested to me this mac and cheeze from VeganYumYum.  She also suggested to use more veggies, less Earth Balance, and more nutritional yeast.  I complied and the result was SOOO GOOD!

I followed the recipe as it was but I made the following changes:

increased the potatoes to 1½ cups

increased the broccoli to 2½ cups

decreased the Earth Balance to 2½ tbsp.

increased the nutritional yeast to ½ cup

added 2 chopped and sautéed portobello mushroom caps and ½ cup of frozen peas to the pasta and broccoli when mixing in with the sauce

-used panko bread crumbs instead of making my own.  I think this is why my breadcrumbs didn’t brown properly…. I’ll have to experiment.

That’s all!  I was so impressed with the sauce.  I think the trick is in the cashews and potatoes, they make it soooo creamy!  The extra nutritional yeast is a definite must for me.  I love it!

Andy loved it too!  He was pretty skeptical about vegan mac & cheeze but his worries were a waste.  This was so good!  Perfect for the rainy weather 🙂  Pure comfort food!

Mmmmmm I can’t wait to have the leftovers tomorrow.  Anyone else tried vegan mac & cheeze?

Also, feel free to check out The List and suggest recipes for me to try for my uncompleted recipes!!

Time for bed!  Sweet Dreams xo

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Why didn’t you guys tell me!? My First Green Monster


I’ve had such an experience this morning!!  Now I know most of you have been having Green Monsters for a long time now but I had my first today.  So bear with me while I proclaim my love for them.

I have two things to say about these liquid wonders:            1.) YUM!!  and 2.)  Why didn’t you guys tell me what I was missing out on!?  😉

Here’s the short story of why I decided that today was the day I would make a green monster:

My stomach has been horrible since yesterday afternoon and I’m not sure why.  Its so acidy 😦  I think it might have been from an overdose of raisins…..  I had them on my morning oats, then again as a snack and later on as another snack.  Then to top that off, last night I had some grapes!!!  I’m pretty sure it was from all of that combined.  I just can’t help it!  I love raisins and their fresh counterpart: grapes ❤

Anywho:  This morning I still felt yucky but knew that I needed to have something.  ENTER——>  Green Monster


Doesn’t it look so dark and monsterous?  Its all thanks to my horribly lit kitchin 🙂

Yum, was it ever good!  It tasted like chocolate chip oatmeal cookie batter, I’m serious!  It did!  Imagine that, my first green monster:   A success!

The end!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Batter In Disguise

2 giant handfuls of baby spinach

1 tbsp flaxseed, ground

2/3 cup hemp milk

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used Sunwarrior)

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 frozen banana

Method:  Put all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend 🙂 

I added a few ice cubes but it did not need it.  I had to eat it with a spoon!  (in my option, smoothies with a spoon are best)

Is it wrong if I have one of these for lunch too?  I just might….. intuitive eating, you know?

Have a great day!  I think I’m feeling a little better already 🙂

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Cha cha cha chia!

Good day my lovelies!!!

So last night I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 6:00.  There were a couple of times I woke up and didn’t know if I could get back to sleep but I did it!  I feel a lot better than yesterday, but still not fully caught up.  I think you guys are right about having bouts of insomnia.  Your body will work itself out in time, I just have to wait a little bit 🙂

I’m glad everyone loved the pictures of Swayze. I’m just warning you, there will be more!  I’m in love with him ❤

Yesterday I started off the EARLY day with a bowl of oats.  I did not eat them at 2:30am (I think I would’ve gotten sick), I waited till 6 ish to have my breaky.

Peanut Butter-Banana Oats

1/3 c. oats

1/2 of a banana, sliced (save a bit for topping)

1 tbsp ground flax (added at the end of cooking)

Topped of with:

Peanut butter

the rest of the banana

Almond milk

I always top my oats with almond milk.  I grew up eating my grandma’s porridge and we always put milk on top of them.  Its the only way I know how to eat them!  You must try this!!! Does anyone else top their oats with milk??

Enough about oats.  Here’s lunch:

‘Nother huge salad.

My salads almost ALWAYS contain avocado, nuts, and raisins…… I think they are the best salad accompaniments.  They MAKE the salad!!

Dinner for me was random.  I had scrambled eggs with mango salsa and a side of cooked veg.


Todays Man (Andy) had an egg sammy with a side of Scooby Doo Spaghettios. I love comparing women’s meals to men’s.  So funny!


After dinner we cleaned a little and then made popcorn to attempt to watch a movie.  We made it about a half an our in and had to turn it off.  We both couldn’t stay up!  That never happens to me but I guess my body wasn’t happy from its 2:30am wake up.

AND……This morning:

I woke up to a sore body.  Yesterday was my first day back at the gym and I thought I took it easy!  It’s amazing how a little time off can really set you back!

To comfort myself, I had….. oats.  My morning ritual.  This time it was just plain oats topped with PB and almond milk.

I added chia seeds today and I forgot how incredibly good they are!!!  These will be making regular appearances again for sure!!!  I really want to try some dessert recipes with them.  I’ve seen some for Chia Seed Pudding.  Anyone got any good recipes with chia seeds??

Ok I better get going.  Today I’m going with my mom and sister to pick up my dress for the October wedding.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen it so I forget what it exactly looks like!!!  I won’t post pics of that, just in case Andy reads this.  You will all have to wait till October to see 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a great day!!


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