Changing it up!

I’ve decided to change my blogging habits a bit.  The blogs that I read most are ones about everyday life and the food and hobbies that go along with it.  I love “getting to know” the writer and I realize that my blog doesn’t really show my personality too much.  I’m going to start to write about my daily life and still incorporate my favorite recipes that I make along the way.  I want readers to have a feeling of who I am and what type of life I lead.

I’m so excited to change things up and I think that I’ll benefit from this in a couple of ways.  I’m a student with a busy life and I’m also planning my wedding so I’m on the go a lot.  I’ve realized that I would really benefit from writing (or typing) my thoughts everyday, I think it feels so great to have an outlet for feelings and questions that your battling.  I’m also hoping that by committing to posting my meals and snacks that I’ll start to take better care of myself.  So many times I will not get my veggies or proper amounts of other good for you foods in because I’m busy.  I definitely don’t have a problem getting enough food but I’m noticing that I need to really try to change up my eating habits.  There’s no excuse for not eating proper meals, I witness all of you lovely ladies do it everyday in your busy lives!  One more benefit that comes to mind is the that I’ll become more creative with my meals and try new things.  I want to try to experiment with creating my own meals instead of going with either making a full blown recipe or just making my standard go-to meals.  Blogging seems like the perfect way to do this!!

OK, without further ado, here it is:

Last night I was going through major procrastination with school.  It’s so hard to stay motivated sometimes when you know you have 5 years left to go of SCHOOL!  I dealt with it by reading a journal entry that I wrote awhile ago about how excited I was to be following my dream of being an RD.  So this morning started off pretty good.  I feel refreshed and re-motivated!

I had a 2 egg omelet with zucchini, red peppers, spinach and salsa.  Wow, I usually start my day with oats but I think omelets might be making more appearances in my day!  Salsa + eggs = a great way to start the day!  It’s like a morning fiesta!  Looks perdy too.  I didn’t take a picture though and I’m regretting it now.  I forgot about my new commitment to the blog, forgive me?

Ok, I’ve spent enough time on the computer this morning.  I need some movement.  I’m off to the gym and then probably some cleaning.  Yay no school Tuesdays!

Catch ya later!

Question to all: How do you stay motivated in your life? School or work, or anything else.  I need some tips!!


About todayslady

I'm a vegetarian who loves to bake and cook.
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2 Responses to Changing it up!

  1. Motivation can be a huge struggle, I make goal lists and reward myself for meeting them. Great blog.

  2. i forgive you. but make sure to take a picture next time bc hat sounds delicious ;). i’m glad you’re starting to open up about yourself, looking forward ot learning more about ya! you’re getting married?!? so cool!

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