Pumpkin Butter Attempt #1

Mmmmmmmmm pumpkin! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pasta….. love it all!  I had made a baked pasta with pumpkin sauce last week and only used a little of the 28 oz. can, so I needed to use up the rest somehow.  I decided to make pumpkin butter.  I’ve never tried it before but have always wanted to and its so easy to make.  I was envisioning my oatmeal tomorrow with some pumpkin butter mixed in, or/and maybe even in some yogurt too.  But instead of ending up with a pot of pumpkin butter, I ended up with a huge mess and my dreams of pumpkin butter oats crushed 😦  Ok, that’s a little dramatic but here’s what happened.

My pumpkin butter was on the stove cooking away and smelling like fall.  It had been cooking for almost an hour and looked almost done.  I had just finished stirring it and was trying to bang off the excess pumpkin from my spoon so it wouldn’t mess up the counter when I put it down.  I may have banged the spoon a little too hard because next thing I know, the bottle of olive oil that was resting on the top of the stove had fallen down and broken!!! Olive oil and glass everywhere, including in my yummy looking pumpkin butter.  It was so sad…

Anyways, me and Andy started to clean it up.  It was the worst.  We cleaned up and I went to sit on the couch while Andy started to move the stove so he could see if anything had gotten behind it.  Next thing I hear is, “Ummmm Jackie…… we have mice…”  I can’t even tell you what was going through my head at this point, I was just sick to my stomach.  I probably said something awful and made some sort of sad sound effect.  Andy told me to come and look behind the stove, I told him no way and asked if there were dead mice behind there.  He said, “No, they’re alive”…. Yah right, I’m not the type to go and marvel over mice behind the stove, I’m the type that wants to stand on a chair.  He told me to come look again, so I figured whatever it was it couldn’t be that bad.  Today’s Man would never tell me to do something that he didn’t think I would like ❤  I went over to the stove and this is what I saw…..








I guess the last people who lived here had a cat…….. Poor kitty left all his toys here!

So, I didn’t end up with pumpkin butter tonight and ended up doing a lot of cleaning and not much studying but at least it all ended with a laugh!  Pumpkin butter had been postponed until the weekend.  Stay tuned for Pumpkin Butter Attempt #2!


About todayslady

I'm a vegetarian who loves to bake and cook.
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One Response to Pumpkin Butter Attempt #1

  1. katyainsf says:

    Hahaha! So funny with the mice behind the fridge! lol Yay for finding your blog! 🙂 Check mine out if you have time girl.

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