mmmmmmm oats!

Okay, I’ve made a lot of oatmeal throughout my life and always have made it in the same way…. Oats and water on top of the stove for 15 to 20 minutes.  Then I always add some cinnamon and ground flaxseed and top it off with chopped banana and some sort of non-dairy milk.  Today I had a life changing experience with my oats!

A little while ago I discovered a blog called Kath Eats Real Food and loved the fact that she has a whole page on her blog devoted to oatmeal!  She always adds half a banana at the beginning of the cooking process and apparently it makes the oats cook faster, taste better ( I didn’t really believe that they could taste any better), and makes them creamier.  After a few days of procrastinating I finally tried it out and I’m a changed woman!

This is what I did:

1/3 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup hemp milk

1/3 cup water

1/2 of a banana, sliced

I cooked all of the above in a pot over medium high heat and stirred very frequently.  Near the end of the cooking I was stirring constantly.  The whole cooking time was about 5 minutes! Way faster than ever! And adding the hemp milk while the oats cooked made such a difference, sooooo creamy! I was always under the belief that adding milk while cooking was unnecessary, I admit that I was wrong.  And the banana….mmmmm

After it was cooked I stirred in:

1 tablespoon ground flax

vanilla and cinnamon to taste

Lastly, I topped it off with a spoonful of all natural crunchy peanut butter and a splash of hemp milk 🙂

Thanks Kath, for this amazing new way to cook oats! I now love oats even more!!!


About todayslady

I'm a vegetarian who loves to bake and cook.
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